Preeminent New Year’s resolution: desire god’s love first

This New Year’s Day, forget about Plans to get fitter, lose weight and give up drinking and smoking. There is one New Year´s resolution which will look after all of the rest and make you a better person in 2011. Vow to love the Lord your God with all your heart. This is the most important commandment in the Bible and holds that position for an excellent reason. In the love of God pour the rest of the blessings for a good and healthy life. As the soul of love grows inside you will gain from feelings of temperance, humility, generosity and peace. A pure, natural joy of life will soon follow along with all the things which make you a happier person. Learn by heart this quotation from the Book of Matthew Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with your entire mind and with all your strength.

is God real

The ability of meditating on the word of God is greater than any sort of intricate analysis or logical thought. Learning how to love with your heart, your spirit, your mind and your physical strength is the secret to getting a more enriched human being. If you are tired of making the same old errors in 2011 as you did in 2010, tired of giving into bodily temptations, tired of being ignored and talked about, tired of being overlooked on the job, tired of ill health and low energy levels, tired of using food as a comfort, just tired of being stressed out about all these things which are barriers to your spiritual growth, then repeat this verse on a daily basis until it becomes part of you.

You will never be able to love the Lord enough. Your spiritual growth is nourished by His love and is the real motivator behind great works. In 2011, take some opportunity to learn the vital lesson of a happy life that is to assist others. God´s love nourishes the desire to be good and to do great things. This New Year´s day, abandon your selfish pursuit of self advancement and financial ambition. Learn how to love your God and be prospered as you have never prospered is God real. If you place selfish ambition before everything else, then you will end up miserable and embittered. By placing God´s love first in your life you are about the first step to happiness in this world and the guarantee of joyous eternity in the next.